Student Guider 2023

Dear students!

Registration for the Student Guider-2023 Conference opens March 17, 2023. Please find the registration form at

DISCUSSANTS option are invited to further select their Area of interest from the drop-down list.

ATTENDIEES skip this stage (as they are free to join any sessions they wish to attend)

HOW TO GET PREPARED (for the discussants)

1) Dive into the topic and the problems associated with it. Search, find, read and make notes and lists. We, too, will contribute with Reading List from experts.

2) By 5, April at the latest we expect to receive from you a piece of writing in free-form piece of writing (short theses, questions, comments, suggestions, proposals, problem statements and/or your original ideas which you find useful for the further group work.

Good luck to all! Best wishes for a good start!I’m