Student Gaidar 2022

The Institute of Business Administration (IBS) RANEPA  is hosting the 4th Student Gaidar Academic Conference (SG-4) on April 15 and 16, 2022.

The modern world is developing torrentially; the future, the desired and the inevitable alike, is determining the present, and reality takes on the features of uncertainty, it combines opposite scenarios. In such conditions, in order to win, one must be able to cogitate, switching between spontaneous and well-thought decisions, must be able to take risks, breaking patterns, trusting intuition. We need new, non-traditional approaches to (business) education that will teach just that.

That is the reason why the upcoming SG-4 conference holds  the  title 

Prospects for the Russian business and business education and the implementation feasibility of the Eurasian management model in the context of adaptation to the ongoing changes in economic environment

The AACSB Association recognized SG as a very successful and the largest online forum in higher education, and RABE proposed to extend the experience of this student forum in 2022 to the entire Alliance for Management Development Associations in Rising economies. 

This, undoubtedly, imposes a great responsibility on the IBS RANEPA as an executor of this very challenging task.

This year, the discussion will continue on topical issues of sustainable development, climate change, international law, eurasianism as an ideology for the multipolar world, opportunities for socializing in the context of new normalcy and medicalization of public life, global decarbonization, Russia’s role in the new economic landscape and, most importantly, the transformation of higher education and business education, in particular, rethinking their mission to adapt to the challenges of the future and new reality.

The main format of the conference, will, as before, be expert discussions; business games, trainings and foresight sessions are also planned. A number of online pre-conference events will take place on the Student Gaidar YouTube channel; these will be streams and podcasts with representatives of business schools, scientists, sociologists, doctors and other experts, many of whom determine the policies of their countries and international organizations in their respective professional fields.

Students will present the results of their research work, will be able to enter into open debates, take part in business games that are close to real events, listen to Russian and foreign experts from different spheres of economics and politics, and thus transforming the forum into a peer-to-peer market place.

The Student Gaidar-2022 Student Conference is a platform for speaking, expressing opinions and finding ways to solve complex problems, it gives students invaluable experience in public speaking, the opportunity to discuss on an equal footing with experts, presenting the results of their research work. "Student Gaidar" is more and more becoming an annual large-scale event in the life of the RANEPA.

We invite Russian and foreign students, undergraduates, postgraduates, employees, teachers, deans and management of schools and institutes of RANEPA as well as the Alliance business schools to take part in this forum.