27-28 Октября 2023
Экосистема студенческих проектов
Student Guide

Присоединиться можно будет 27 октября с 17:00 по московскому времени.
    The main principle is that within the same discussion platform (section, block) all participants in the panel (group of experts) act as absolutely equal discussants, regardless of whether they are undergraduate students, masters, teachers, specialists, professors or business representatives. This approach creates among students who are primarily addressed to the conference, a sense of their relevance, values, they feel respectful attitude from senior colleagues and other students, which allows them to overcome shyness, constraint, insecurity in their abilities. This gives them invaluable experience in public speaking in one of the most modern formats used in public discussions in science, politics and business.

    Student Guider 2023 - a new approach
    This year, the concept of the conference will be amended to build "guides".
    Panel discussions will be organized with the participation of such experts, whose experience and innovation will allow to navigate the flow and create guides on professional issues in the face of rapidly occurring and massive changes in business and management.
    The format of attracting students will also be new - not passive perception of someone else's experience, but active participation in the creation of guides. Extensive Reading Lists and Mastermind technology for group work are some of the hallmarks of this year's conference.
    Participation of experts from new partners of Russian business and business education is expected.
    Prof. Sergey P. Myasoedov, RANEPA Vice-rector, addressing Student Guider 2023
    Organising Committee
    • Elena N. Novikova
      Liaison RANEPA officials
    • Irina I. Soschina
      Invention idea
      Programme Director

    • Philipp A. Lapin
      Media content
    • Elizaveta Oleynikova
      Expert Liaison
    Networks, Partnerships, Collaborations, Coalitions
    Networks, Partnerships, Collaborations, Coalitions
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